Saturday, March 27, 2010

Laid back Saturday

Spent my Saturday with my son and the Ates (as usual). We went to Eastwood just because I am feeling really tired but I want to be fair to my son not to sleep on my day off. Eastwood is not crowded and so I can just sit somewhere near Timezone and read my book(of course my son is addicted to this place). I have been caught up with reading the infamous Twilight. I know I may sound like a looser (haha) because I know the movie and the book has been out for a long time. When it first came out no matter the hype is I wasn't really like dying to see it though I have seen how long the lines where when it came out. Maybe because when my husband and I are not together, I don't really go watch movies that often. He's like my movie buddy. Well, every couple loves to go the movies together, right? Before my interest on the book, I bought the first 2 installments first in DVD. I was like so intrigued with the details of it because a lot of people would say the book is always better than the movie. And after watching New Moon, I was like whatta f***. That's it? Finish. And then my sister told me that Eclipse is coming out on June and she told me she has all four books and so I could borrow it. How lucky can I be? ^_^
Back to Eastwood sorry, we ate at Stalkers Burgers (forgot to take pictures of the food sorry) and I find that the price is fair enough it's not too expensive though it's not super cheap but the food was great. I love the ambiance and the music. I love that they have updated magazines that's free to for you to read. Don't you just hate it when you like go to a place with free read magazines and the dates where like a year or two ago? Well, that's just me. It was a great day though. =)

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