Sunday, March 7, 2010

Khalel turns 3

My son turned 3 last friday, my husband and I threw a party for him. Though my husband was not able to come home (sadly) , I still have to make it work. So I had a lot of DIY ideas for this party. I did not want to hire a party planner because 1, it will be expensive, 2, I'm a hands on mom I want to make sure everything works perfect even though I'm so busy with work. My research on parties started out on his 2nd bday. My husband did not want the usual bday party, where here in the Philippines, most children's party are celebrated at fast foods (McDonalds, Jollibee, etc) because I guess how busy life is right now, it's more convenient. We do not want that type of party anymore because you we feel that we throw our money on an hour and half of party and that's it. I think because of our bad experience on my son's 1st bday where we celebrated it at Shakey's ( I don't want to go into much details, hahaha). The venue was the same one last year. It's called Keyrose Catering Services. It's just near our place. We just rented the place because my mom cooked some of the food and some where ordered outside. Before anything else, the theme of my son's party was all of his favorites. I guess I wanted to share bit of my son with the guests so it was easy for me planning it mainly because he's my son and I know what he loves. wink*

Start off with the cake. 

My first idea was to order at where I ordered cupcakes last year. I was thinking of a cupcake tower and the theme was Backyardigans. Sadly, because they offer the best and unique fruppies (as they call it) they are mostly fully booked. I wanted to stick with the "tower" idea. Here's why, it looks expensive because of the idea of a tower but really not, it's just the effect of it (smarty eigh?). I learned my lesson because last year we bought a three-tier cake for my son which cost us around P9000($1 x P45). I searched at eBay and luckily I found a DIY cupcake tower and it's reusable and you can make it 3 or 5 tiers and I only bought it for P500. Next off is the cake, I was happy that offered Backyardigans cake for only P750 for 8"cake and the I ordered 30pcs cupcakes from at P29 each. 


This was custom-made for only P300 (dirt cheap) ^_^

Party favors:
The goody bags where filled with my son's sweet treats, crayons and bench cologne. The bags I bought it from Divisoria for only P12/each and some goodies inside, it's a place here where you buy dirt cheap products. It's better to go there if you buy stuff in bulk because the place is mostly packed especially on weekends and holidays.

These hand sanitizers I bought from bench at P28/each and I just had custom-made stickers on them.  Pretty neat right? Oh by the way, the blue and yellow was not the color theme, we did not plan it that way. After we put everything together, it just came out that way. ^_^


Stuff that I bought from Toy Kingdom and some from Divisoria. 

Pabitin and Pinata: I didn't have pictures of them because I forgot and I had them on videos so that's that.


My sister took care of the balloon decor and I am so impressed. She's really good at it. Don't be alarmed it's not all pink for my son. She used different color combinations. We just bought balloons stuff from Divisoria again. So big savings for me there. Thanks to my sister. ^_^

I added a personal touch to the decors. I included all of my son's favorite knick knacks. So the guests will also get the chance toenjoy what my son enjoys eating.

I added my son's favorite bed time stories. Actually it's just Curious George but in different series. He loves being read to every night. I find myself enjoying it too. ^_^


My mom cooked spaghetti (my son's favorite) and mixed vegetables for the adults. She's the best cook. All six of us grew up on her cooking. We love to eat at home more than takeout food. That's how great she cooks. ^_^

My son's favorites BBQ and fried chicken. Some not included in the picture where of course hotdog (every kid loves it) and shanghai.

Lastly, my son's favorite pizza from Angel's Pizza or better known as Domino's pizza. Same company only recently they switched names, I don't know why but the pizza is still great. My son always request for Pe-pe-oh-nee as he say it. ^_^

I hired these clowns last year and this year too. I know my son is afraid of them but later on enjoys them. These guys are so good. For only P2,500, the do the hosting, games, magic and balloon twisting. And fairly enough they give guests a good laugh. So love them though I am scared of clowns. haha. ^_^

Ah, would you believe I planned the whole thing in a week before the party? Oh yeah! With the help of course from my family. My bestfriend told me she enjoyed the party because it was well organized and the details and stuff. She said I could make a good event organizer. I have to think about that first. haha. Would believe all these great stuff there's a sad part of the story? Yes.... I invited around a 100 guests but only like 40 came. I guess because of the short notice and some said yes but did not make it to the party for some reason... The most important thing is my son enjoyed the party. He was super happy. I love my son soooo much. I will always give him the best but will never spoil him.  Oh yeah, us moms can do it.

The celebrant:

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